HFT Employment Data Privacy Notice


Effective Date

This Notice is effective January 3, 2022.


The HFT Employment Data Privacy Notice (the “Notice”) is intended to inform you about the personal information HFT may collect from you and why it is necessary. We know that you value your privacy and we take our obligations regarding the use of your personal information seriously. If you have any questions about this Notice or about our privacy practices, please contact: Cheryl Smith Director, Risk Management and HIPAA Privacy Officer csmith@harborfreight.com / 818.836.5203.


This Notice does not supersede or replace the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (located on the HFTBenefits.com site) as it pertains to our associate’s protected health information as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Information We May Collect

Contact Informationname, work and personal address, phone numbers, email address, and emergency contact information
Demographics and Family Informationage, date of birth, race, gender, ethnicity, marital and family status, dependent information, and notifications of intended beneficiaries of life insurance and/or retirement benefits
Identification Informationdriver’s license or state identification card number, passport number, Social Security number, employee ID, and photographs
Compensation and Payroll Informationbank account details, salary and tax-related information, and information relating to participation in group insurance policies (such as insurance policy number, medical information and health insurance information)
Job-related Informationjob title, job description, office location, training, business travel and movements, performance evaluations, fitness for work information, paid time off or leave of absence, eligibility for work, visas and other information regarding immigration status
Health Informationdisability, alcohol or drug testing-related information, sick leave details or maternity leave information (where permitted by applicable law)
Talent Management Informationoccupation details, resume or CV information, education details, language and other job-related skills, historical compensation details, previous employment details, and references
Internal Investigationsdetails of disciplinary warnings or grievances and other complaints
Use of IT Systems and Dataassigned equipment, IP address, user ID, the time and duration of internet and network connections and how you use technology resources, including emails you send/receive, websites you visit, software and files you download and voicemails you receive

How We May Use Your Personal Information

Managing Our Workforce

  • managing work activities and personnel generally, including recruiting and on-boarding
  • performing background checks
  • determining suitability for employment or promotion
  • determining physical and/or mental fitness for work
  • reviewing and evaluating performance
  • determining eligibility for and processing salary increases, bonuses, and other incentive-based compensation
  • providing references
  • managing attendance/time records, absences, leaves of absences, and vacations
  • administering payroll services
  • reimbursing expenses
  • administering health, dental, and other benefits
  • training and development
  • making travel, mobility and reassignment arrangements
  • managing use of company vehicles to carry out Harbor Freight’s business
  • securing immigration statuses
  • monitoring staff
  • creating staff directories
  • investigating suspected misconduct or non-performance of duties
  • managing disciplinary matters, grievances, and terminations
  • reviewing staffing decisions
  • managing identification badges and/or name tags
  • conducting surveys
  • contacting you via an automatic SMS text messaging system and/or automated phone calls with a pre-recorded voice to deliver messages relating to the application process and other employment-related notices

Facilities and Emergencies

  • providing access to facilities
  • ensuring business continuity
  • protecting the health and safety of our staff and others
  • safeguarding, monitoring, and maintaining our IT infrastructure, office equipment, facilities, and other property
  • detecting or preventing theft or fraud, or attempted theft or fraud
  • facilitating communication with you and your designated contacts in an emergency detecting or preventing theft or fraud, or attempted theft or fraud

Business Operations

  • operating and managing our IT, communications systems and facilities, and monitoring the use of these resources
  • performing data analytics
  • improving our services
  • allocating and managing company assets and human resources
  • strategic planning; project management
  • compiling audit trails and other reporting tools
  • maintaining records relating to business activities, budgeting, and financial management
  • managing mergers, acquisitions, sales, reorganizations or disposals and integration with business partners

  • complying with legal requirements, such as tax, record-keeping and reporting obligations
  • conducting audits and controls
  • management and resolution of health and safety matters
  • complying with requests from government or other public authorities
  • responding to legal process such as subpoenas and court orders
  • pursuing legal rights and remedies
  • defending litigation and managing internal complaints or claims
  • conducting investigations; and complying with internal policies and procedures, including Harbor Freight’s Employee Handbook

SMS Messaging (Harbor Freight Alerts)

By texting the short code, you are consenting to allow HireVue on behalf of Harbor Freight Tools, to contact you via an automatic SMS text messaging system and/or automated phone calls with a pre-recorded voice to deliver messages relating to the application process and other employment-related notices.

Is it free?
Message and data rates may apply. Depending on your text plan, you may be charged by your carrier. Message frequency will vary. Some mobile carriers may not allow participation in the Harbor Freight Alert program.  Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages.  If you have any questions about your text plan or data plan, it is best to contact your wireless provider.

What if I don’t want to receive any further notification messages?
Text STOP to 34648 to cancel the Harbor Freight service. After doing so, you may receive one automated SMS message to confirm you have been unsubscribed.

What if I want more info?
Text HELP to 34648 for more information or contact Harbor Freight at +1-800-444-3353

Who are the participating carriers?
Participating carriers may change from time to time, but currently include Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, Boost, Virgin Mobile USA & Metro PCS.

Carriers are not liable for delayed or undelivered messages

STOP: At any time, you can text STOP or TEXTSTOP to 34648. This will prevent you from receiving any future texts from Harbor Freight

HELP: At any time, you can text HELP to 34648. Texting HELP will return the following message: Harbor Freight Alerts: For additional support please contact +1-800-444-3353

Your Mobile Telephone Number
You represent that you are the account holder for the mobile telephone number(s) that you provide and have the authority to consent to joining the Harbor Freight Alert program.

Termination of Harbor Freight Alerts
Harbor Freight may, in its sole and absolute discretion, suspend or terminate your receipt of text messages at any time without notice if Harbor Freight believes you are in breach of these Terms and Conditions or have joined or are using the service for an improper purpose. Harbor Freight reserves the right to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, all or any part of its text message program, with or without notice.