Making Hard Work Easy:

A Spotlight on Natalie and the Harbor Freight Supply Chain Project Management Office Team

Natalie Caron
Executive Director of Supply Chain Network Planning & Development at Harbor Freight

Harbor Freight’s commitment to our Value of Continuous Improvement is the reason we ask ourselves every day: how can we do what we do, but better? This question is at the core of our Supply Chain PMO (Project Management Office) team.
We reached out to Natalie Caron, Executive Director of Supply Chain Network Planning & Development, to talk about her experience working on the team. Natalie has over 13 years of experience at Harbor Freight, starting out as an IT Director of Supply Chain Solutions and eventually specializing in Supply Chain planning and infrastructure. Fun fact: she’s personally seen her team grow to 8 times the size it was when it was first established! Check out her story below.

What are some of the things you love about your experience at Harbor Freight?

I appreciate the team chemistry and collaboration across the company. It’s very rewarding to be part of such a fast-growing company and knowing that we are all valued and make a difference.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I value the differences on the team as it balances us and makes us stronger. I work for the team to help them grow and achieve their goals. I do my best to adapt my style to circumstances, provide guidance, and keep my team motivated with challenging work. I believe in supporting them to meet Harbor Freight’s goals. The work can be demanding, but I strive to be fair.

Let’s quickly turn the conversation to what you love outside of work. Any hobbies or interests you’re passionate about?

My passion is showing in Hunter/Jumper. Here’s a photo!

Natalie is a passionate show hunter and show jumper.

Now, we’d love to learn more about your team. What exactly is the PMO department?

Our department manages plans and projects to support the business in 3 key areas:

  • Supply Chain Network Strategy transformation,
  • Distribution Center expansions,
  • Improving existing DC sustainability and compliance.

What is the mission of your team?

Our team’s mission is: “Collaborate in building solutions to support our customers in achieving their goals and drive project management development across the Supply Chain and organization.”

What are some recent accomplishments and projects that your team has worked on?

In 2023, we successfully inaugurated two new Distribution Centers, and plans are underway to open another in 2024.

We’re also committed to providing optimal working conditions for our Associates, which is why we invested in climate control systems at our Moreno Valley, CA DC (and finished the project 2 months early!). We also worked with local county officials to provide a road and traffic light for easier access to our DC in Dillon, SC.

In three words, how would you describe the culture of your team?

Connection, collaboration, and dedication.

With all of you being remote, how do you build culture and comradery within your team?

We have multiple in-person team meetings a year, we offer team training, and we give official kudos from peers and leaders through our “Strong Links in the Chain” program. Our monthly all-team meetings also have ice breakers and guest speakers.

The Supply Chain PMO team in person

Lastly, if you were talking to a candidate, how would you “sell” your team? How would they benefit in joining Harbor Freight?

We have a strong chemistry, we work well together, and the projects we do are rewarding and bring value to the company. Harbor Freight is growing fast and undergoing a transformation, which means we have many exciting projects across the supply chain and other departments that will be impactful: updating our DC network and strategy, breaking ground on new Distribution Centers, and establishing new technologies for day-to-day operations, just to name a few.

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