It’s not what makes Harbor Freight great,

it’s WHO!

Watch our people in action as we build a great place to work!

NATALIE | Supply Chain Executive Director | Equestrian

I value the differences on the team as it balances us and makes us stronger. I do my best to adapt my style to circumstances, provide guidance, and keep my team motivated. [Outside of work,] my passion is showing in Hunter/Jumper!


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VICTORIA | Sales Associate | Pilot

I’m a part-time Sales Associate who loves to help people save money and get their projects done with ease. Outside of work I love adventures… working on projects of my own, going for motorcycle rides, but most of all flying planes.

DONNA | Stocking Manager | Traveler

I’m a wife, mother and grandmother. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love watching sports, going to concerts and traveling. Outside of my hobbies and family I am a hard worker who truly enjoys her job and the people I work with.


DOUGLAS | Shift Planning Manager | Musician

I am the 3rd Shift Planning Manger at [our Moreno Valley Distribution Center]. My department is responsible for ensuring the incoming shift is set up for success. Outside of work, I really enjoy playing my bass.